Pearl Roadshow Banner
Get your playing off to the right start with the Pearl Roadshow starter drum kit.

The Pearl Roadshow is the cheapest way you can own a brand new Pearl Drum Kit. They are Pearl’s entry into the start kit market for beginners. Although they cost a little bit more than other starter kits out there, this is due to Pearl’s uncompromising commitment to quality and they really have came up with an impressively solid and great sounding starter kit. It even comes with a free stick bag.

Pearl have long been one of the leading names in the drum world and have a great reputation in both pro level and beginner drum kits. Their Pearl Export drum kits are known to be the best selling kits of all time.

Anyone with experience of learning a musical instrument will tell you that there is nothing more disheartening than trying to learn with the wrong equipment. Conversely the right instrument inspires creativity and encourages practise. It was this knowledge that guided Pearl in designing their Roadshow range.

This all in one starter kit comes with everything a beginner drummer needs including 14″ Hi hats and a 16″ Crash Cymbal which can really save you money since you don’t have to buy them individually. It includes a drum stool and a stick bag so you can be confident that after buying this kit you’re not going to have to shop for anything else for a while.


Pearl Roadshow Shells are made from 6 plys of bonded asian poplar with a 45 degree hand cut bearing edge for a precise sound and a optimum connection with the head. The shells of the Roadshow drum kit are put through a heat and pressure curing process which produces well made shells that can be relied upon.


Sturdy and ‘built to last’ double braced hardware ensures that this kit can live up to even the hardest of hitters. Smart features like locking tom mounts, locking tilters and telescopic bass drum spurs make this one of the most solid starter kits on the market. This kit includes a stool and a chain driven kick pedal.

Snare Drum

The snare drum is the voice of your kit and the Pearl Roadshow has some voice! With 8 dual tuning lug and an easy to use on/off snare strainer this drum has a surprising amount of sensitivity.

Stick Bag

A cool bonus feature of the Pearl Roadshow is the included stick bag. Not many kits come with this added accessory but it is an essential every drummer ends up buying eventually.