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Although these days RhythmTech make all kinds of percussion instruments, it is tambourines that they are really known for. The modern crescent shaped tambourine is taken for granted these days but it didn’t exist until 1980 when Richard Taninbaum went into The Power Station, one of New York’s most famous recording studios for a session with producer and engineer Bob Clearmountain and came out with the idea of a new design for tambourines. This new design would spread the weight of the instrument out evenly unlike the common round design which put the weight out front. The addition of a grip area for holding seems an obvious development but before Taninbaum had his idea, tambourine players had no choice other than to hold on to the outside of the wooden hoop.

Drum set tambourines are a great way of adding tambourines directly into your drum kit. They vary from standard tambourines in that they have a dedicated area for playing on with a stick and also feature a clamp that makes it easy to clamp to any percussion stand or hi hat stand.