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In 2004 Sabian introduced the Vault series, an exclusive collection of individual cymbals from the Canadian company’s experimental lab where its master cymbalsmiths would try out new ideas. The following year saw the release of the Vault Artisan Ride, as Sabian’s ‘ultimate traditional cymbal’ it quickly gained a name for itself on the worldwide jazz circuit. Years later they dropped the ‘Vault’ tag but the Sabian Artisan range grew into some of their most sought after cymbals. These cymbals are now used by top drummers around the world, and famously played by modern Jazz drumming virtuoso Mark Guiliana.

Widely regarded as the pinnacle of Sabian’s cymbal craft, Artisan are some of the best quality (and expensive) cymbals on the market. The price tag is highly justified however, the amount of time and hard work that goes into each cymbal is astounding; Sabian claim the new Artisan Elite Cymbals employ “elements of cymbal-making even the most traditional cymbal companies have abandoned”. Each Artisan cymbal starts out as an individually cast ingot of B20 bronze which includes traces of silver. The ingot is fed through a rolling oven a dozen times, while repeatedly rotated and is hand-hammered between 2,000 and 4,000 times by Sabian’s top craftsmen.