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Sabian Crescent

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The Crescent Cymbals brand was launched in 2012 by Cymbal Masters, a company founded by drummers Michael Vosbein, Stanton Moore, Jeff Hamilton and Bill Norman. Known for their elite Turkish craftsmanship, this Georgia based cymbal company announced in 2014 that they had formed an alliance with leading Canadian cymbal manufacturer Sabian with the goal of expanding their cymbal lines, and in 2015 all production was moved to Sabian. Since then Sabian has re-released several of the Crescent models including the Vanguard series, Elements series, and Signature series from both Stanton Moore and Jeff Hamilton.

Sabian Crescent cymbals are known for being thin, dark and very musical. Every cymbal in their arsenal boasts incredibly complex tones, giving a very unique and professional sound. The hand hammered craftsmanship is displayed excellently, with each cymbal displaying it's own individual characteristics.

Created by prolific funk and jazz drummer Stanton Moore, the 14/15" Fat Hats, 16/18" Smash Crash, 20" Trash Crash, 20"/22" Wide Ride and 20" Pang Thang are a complete set of unique, professional drum set cymbals and some of the most popular cymbals available from Sabian Crescent.

Another leading range from Sabian Crescent is the Hammer Series, created by Jeff Hamilton, which were created for jazz drummers who want warmth and definition from their cymbals whilst also blending with the band. They are notable for the smaller bell, bowed profile, and paper thin edges.