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Sabian FRX

Get a great deal on Sabian FRX cymbals from Drum Central including crash cymbals, ride cymbals, hi hats, FX and cymbal packs. We offer great value and fast delivery.

Robert Zildjian formed Sabian in 1981 after a falling out with his brother Armand Zildjian. Using years of experience he had developed from his past career Sabian were always going to go on to become one the leading cymbal manufacturers in the world. These days they can list a whole host of big name artists who play their cymbals. Perhaps most notably the likes of Jojo Mayer and Chad Smith.

Sabian introduced the innovative FRX cymbal range in 2018. FRX stands for Frequency Reduced, which means that with removed mass from the cymbals by machine drilled holes, critical frequencies in the mid and high range are reduced. These frequencies produced by traditional cymbals are often undesirable in live situations - particularly in smaller venues. The result of this innovative technique is a professional range of B20 Bronze cymbals that suit every live drumming environment.

Sabian FRX are not to be confused with 'low volume' cymbals; even though they are approximately 4dB quieter than traditional cymbals, they are specifically lower volume in the frequency ranges that matter most. FRX cymbals are designed not only to be used in a practice environment, like the Sabian Quiet Tone range, they are also designed to sit perfectly in a live mix. No matter how hard you hit them, Sabian FRX are never to loud for the mics on stage or the crowd in the room. If you are a drummer that is regularly being told to hold back with your playing, then FRX cymbals might be for you.

FRX are ideal for drummers playing weddings, churches, corporate gigs, small venues, schools, musical theatre, cruise ships, band rehearsals, drummers who sing, or any situation where cymbal volume could be a problem.

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