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Robert Zildjian formed Sabian in 1981 after a falling out with his brother Armand Zildjian. Using years of experience he had developed from his past career Sabian were always going to go on to become one the leading cymbal manufacturers in the world. These days they can list a whole host of big name artists who play their cymbals. Perhaps most notably the likes of Jojo Mayer, Neil Peart and Chad Smith.

Neil Peart, of prog-rock legends Rush, joined the Sabian family in 2004 and almost immediately got to work with the Sabian Vault team on his signature line of cymbals, Paragon. Neil asked to watch the entire cymbal making process, from the first castings all the way through the logo printing. He wanted to understand the effect each individual process had on a cymbals sound and performance. This was followed by an extensive education of the subtleties of metallurgy, hammering and lathing, and how these can be combined for different musical effects.

It was following this influx of cymbal crafting knowledge that Neil and the Vault team got to work on his first signature ride cymbal. After various combinations of hammering and lathing on the bow and bell, the team landed on the perfect balance of a sharp, musical ride cymbal with a range of complex overtones. The prototype crash cymbals evolved a few weeks later when the Vault team sent Neil a set of cymbals with AAX lathing on the top and turkish-style AA lathing on the underside, combined with a hand-hammered bell. This combination turned out to be exactly what he had been looking for in a crash cymbal – rapid attack, a well-rounded musical sound, and a smooth decay. And thus the basis for the Sabian Paragon line was set.

At over 3.5kg in weight, the 22” Ride is an extra-heavy beast, with strong, clear stick definition. The Hats (13”-14”-15”) are medium weight for fast, crisp response and clean sticking. The Crashes (16”-17”-18”-19”-20”) are also medium weight, with large bells to boost overall volume and power and to deliver fast, explosive response. The splashes (8”, 10”) are very fast, sharp and pack a serious bite. And there are three very different Chinese models. The 19” China has a small bell, a high bow, and an extremely wide-lipped edge that is HHX-hammered, for a more traditional – and very trashy – oriental look and sound. The heavier 20” China is a totally different model, with a drier, more direct response. And the 20’ Diamondback China uses jingles and rivets for adding sizzling accents to its dark response. Paragon cymbals are available in Natural and Brilliant finish.