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Robert Zildjian formed Sabian in 1981 after a falling out with his brother Armand Zildjian. Using years of experience he had developed from his past career Sabian were always going to go on to become one the leading cymbal manufacturers in the world. These days they can list a whole host of big name artists who play their cymbals. Perhaps most notably the likes of Jojo Mayer and Chad Smith.

Created specifically for low volume drumming sessions, Sabian Quiet Tone practice cymbals are designed to respond and feel just like traditional cymbals. Their clearly defined bell offers drummers a much more accurate and natural playing environment than other practice cymbals, so drummers don’t have to change the way they play.

Because most other practice cymbals sound muffled, with little to no sustain, drummers often hit them much harder causing cracks and breaks. However, Sabian Quiet Tone are made from a tough, durable metal alloy that responds much more similarly to a traditional cymbal, and can handle the harder hits. Quiet Tone cymbals are ideal for drummers in practice situations, home setups or quieter drumming sessions due to their greatly reduced sonic footprint. These cymbals are however slightly louder than Zildjian’s L80 Low Volume cymbals, but in our opinion they sound and feel more like real cymbals!

Available in four different cymbal packs made up of four popular configurations.