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Waltons Bodhrans

Buy Waltons Bodhrans at Drum Central. Authentic Irish instruments made in Dublin from high quality materials. Next day delivery available.

Waltons have been making high quality Irish folk instruments for more than 90 years from their base in Dublin so they are the first company to look to when thinking of purchasing a Bodhran. They have a great range of Bodhrans that cover everything from pro level to beginner level.

We highly recommend their beginner package that comes with everything you could need to get started playing Bodhran. A carry case, a tipper (beater) and even a DVD to teach you the basics. All this for only £64.99 and it's a great sounding drum! Waltons always use traditional goat skin heads on their drums so even on their entry level drums you are getting the real deal not a cheap toy.

More professional Walton Bodhrans are tuneable which gives the player more control and flexibility with the tone of the drum. Very useful since Bodhran heads are notorious for changing their tension depending on the atmosphere around them.

Many of Waltons' Bodhrans come with traditional designs printed onto the head of the drum which  can make the drum an eye catching ornament for a wall when ever it's not being played.