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Yamaha make pretty much everything. Motorcycles, Scooters, Outboards, WaveRunners, Boats, Utility ATV’s, Sport Quads, Generators… you name it, Yamaha probably make it and they probably make it very well. Specialising in high quality products in all areas as given Yamaha a solid reputation around the world whatever they are making.

Far from being the after thought of a giant corporation, music remains at the centre of Yamaha’s focus. Yamaha originally started life as a musical instrument manufacturer and this is evidenced these days in the tuning forks that appear in their logo.

We highly recommend Yamaha’s electronic drum kits. The ability that Yamaha have to sample their own acoustic drum kits puts them at an advantage over every other main stream electronic kit dealer. In addition to this at every price point you tend to get more advanced capabilities than their rivals.

Yamaha DTX502 series kits are Yamaha’s mid range electronic drum kits and offer pretty much everything a professional drummer would need in an at home practise kit. It’s at this level that Yamaha introduce their silicone pads which are really unbeatable when it comes to realism and response. Far superior to mesh heads. The DTX502 module has 50 built in drum kits and 50 user definable kits in addition to this huge choice of sounds the DTX502 module has the ability to load and store custom sounds meaning you can make your own drum kits entirely from scratch. All DTX 502 Series drum kits are compatible with the ‘DTX502 Touch’ iOS app which when connected to the drum kit offer touch screen control, quick and easy recording and sharing, and advanced sound editing capabilities.

The flagship DTX582K kit comes with silicone pads for every drum and the larger KP100 kick pad (big enough for double kick) and the realistic PCY100 hi hat cymbal whereas the more affordable DTX552K has simpler dual zone pads on each of the toms a smaller kick trigger and a static hi hat trigger.

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