British Drum Co.-Legend Club 20″ 3-Piece Shell Pack- Kensington Knight

British Drum Co.-Legend Club 20″ 3-Piece Shell Pack- Kensington Knight


British Drum Co.

Legend is the British Drum Co’s flagship drum set and is the ultimate offering for any drummer.
Award-winning master drum-maker Keith Keough, whose reputation stands industry-wide as one of the most exciting drum-makers in the world.The British Drum Company adheres to the proudest traditions of British drum manufacturing, using only British made shells, employing striking design and committing to constant innovation.
A culmination of tried and tested traditional methods of shell moulding have resulted in a cold pressed birch shell with our unique “Finish-Matching” reinforcement rings, an attention to detail that’s become expected of the British Drum Co. Hand cut 45 degree bearing edges polished to a smooth lustre ensures the Legend kit will adapt to any musical situation.

  • Shell: Cold-pressed birch 20 x 16″ bass drum, 14 x 14″ floor tom and 12 x 8″ rack tom
  • Bearing edges: Hand cut, 45-degree
  • Hoops: Triple flange, 2.3 mm, 10 ply
  • Lugs: Diamond chrome-plated full length Palladium lugs and claws
  • Heads: Remo
  • Features: Nyloc lug insert to prevent de-tuning and Finish-Matching reinforcement rings
  • Description


Shell Design

Renowned for its studio qualities and live performance, the birch shell pushes very strong mid to high end frequencies and channels a powerful clean tone, that is enhanced by Legend’s unique reinforcement rings. The birch ply shell is made up from a 10ply, 6mm thick shell using cross laminated plies. Using almost two plies to every mm, creating a super strong shell for its thickness that enhances the tonal character of the birch.

Bearing Edge and Reinforcement Rings

The bearing edge is a very important factor of any drum shell and its sound. The bearing edge used on our Legend Series has a inner 45 degree cut with a 1mm, 45 degree outer cut. Giving a versatile tuning range which will adapt to any musical situation. The added detail of our “Finish-Matching” reinforcement rings adds a subtle warm overtone as well as giving a beautiful look that finishes these edges to perfection.

Cold Press Moulding

“Cold Press Moulding” is key to the British Drum Co’s signature sound. Using years of experience in wood working and drum shell manufacture we believe the secret to our sound and the key to a stable drum shell is the absence of heat when pressing and moulding the shells. Our timber and shells are allowed to naturally acclimatise to the surrounding environment before and after being moulded. Regarded as the finest shells reviewed by Geoff Nichols of Rhythm Magazine.

Palladium Hardware.

The Legend Series is beautifully decorated with our elegant and sophisticated Palladium hardware that is unique to us. Inspired the by classic design period of Art-Deco, we are extremely proud to announce the long awaited arrival of our new Palladium hardware.


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