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Percussion Mounts

  • Gibraltar Bass Pedal Cowbell Mount SC-CBPM


     Want to play a cowbell or percussion block with a bass pedal You'll need one of these! imply clamp on your bass drum pedal, attach cowbell or percussion block and bingo!...

    Estimated delivery by 25/01/2021
  • Gibraltar Percussion holder 4-Post


    Gibraltar Percussion holder 4-Post FOUR POST ACCESSORY BRACKET – Large accessory bracket with four 9.5mm posts – Mounts up to eight accessories – Attaches to stand via cast mounting clam...

    Estimated delivery by 25/01/2021
  • Gibraltar Single Post Accessory Mount


    Gibraltar single post accessory mount Brilliant piece of gear this... Clamps onto any hardware round your kit for easy positioning of cowbells, blocks, drum kit tamourines etc. 9.5mm diameter post sl...

    Estimated delivery by 25/01/2021
  • LP Percussion Claw with Z-Rod


    Add almost any mountable percussion instrument, including LP cowbells, LP cyclops tambourines, or LP jam blocks on drum kits, marching drums, or percussion set-ups Holds tight to any standard drum ri...

    Estimated delivery by 25/01/2021
  • Meinl Multi Clamp, One Percussion Mount


    With this length-adjustable clamp and rod you can position a timbale, cowbell, block or mountable tambourine anywhere within your set-up.  ...

    Estimated delivery by 25/01/2021
  • Meinl Rim Clamp Percussion Mount


    Grab on to any common drum rim with the MEINL Rim Clamp to securely mount percussion accessories, small cymbals, or microphones exactly where you need them. Useful in drum kit set ups, percussion rigs...

    Estimated delivery by 25/01/2021
  • Meinl Standard Cowbell Bass Drum Holder


    The MEINL Cowbell Holder attaches firmly to the bass drum hoop. Rubber pads prevent scratches on the hoop. Material: Chrome plated steel, Features:Fully adjustable, Rubber pads against scratching, Inc...

    Estimated delivery by 25/01/2021
  • Meinl Standard Multi Clamp, One Percussion Mount


    The MEINL Multi Clamps easily attach to any common stand. The unique feature is the length adjustability to fit any given space situation. It holds one rod....

    Estimated delivery by 25/01/2021
  • Pearl PPS20 Foot Pedal Percussion Mounting Bracket


    The revolutionary PPS-20 provides a super sturdy Cowbell mount for your bass drum pedal. It allows you to play a clave or other cowbell beat with your foot while playing hand drums, Timbales or drumse...

    Estimated delivery by 25/01/2021
  • Yamaha CWH940 Cowbell Holder


    Cowbell and Multi Holder...

    Estimated delivery by 25/01/2021
  • DW 9.5mm Arm 5″ Long


    For mounting small percussion like cowbells or blocks on a 1/2" arm For all small percussion instruments with a 9.5 mm clamping Infinitely lockable inclination angle...

    Estimated delivery by 04/02/2021
  • DW Claw Hook Accessory Clamp


    Small percussion mount L-arm variably adjustable The fixation with a clamping claw conserves the hoop perfectly...

    Estimated delivery by 04/02/2021