Istanbul Agop Xist Brilliant 16″ China Cymbal

Istanbul Agop Xist Brilliant 16″ China Cymbal


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Istanbul Agop Xist Brilliant 16″ China Cymbal

Istanbul Agop Cymbals embrace the ancient traditions of Turkish, hand-hammered cymbals but take a progressive approach toward sound, design and manufacturing. The Istanbul Xist series offers a modern edge with a history of world class leading traditional cymbal making. The cymbals produce a powerful modern sound thanks to the pre-form casting manufacturing method, which requires 3000 less hammer blows to finish than traditional methods.

The innovative Xist range that blends modern production techniques with traditional cymbal making processes, They are able to offer professional quality, cast B20 (80% Copper, 20% Tin) cymbals at a price that is accessible to drummers at any level.

Product Specs
  • Bright, explosive and cutting with a quick decay.
  • Modern sound
  • B20 bronze
  • Brilliant finish

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The DC guys really know their stuff. Best drum store in Scotland. Will be back!

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Thanks again drum central! Always great service and quick delivery.

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