Pearl EXX725SBR/C717 Export Drum Kit with Sabian SBR Cymbal Pack (High Voltage Blue)

Pearl EXX725SBR/C717 Export Drum Kit with Sabian SBR Cymbal Pack (High Voltage Blue)


Drum Central thoughts and comments….. A COMPLETE DRUM KIT AND CYMBAL PACKAGE. This is the industry standard in workhorse drum kits with hardware. We would describe this kit as being the “Transit van” of drums, it’s going to do everything and more you’ll ask of it. Stunning hardware and now with the addition of the Sabian SBR brass cymbal pack it’s going to make every new/ old drummer a happy bunny. lets look at what Pearl say…. The #1 Selling drum set in the world is back and better than ever. Export Series is the name every drummer knows. Meet any successful drummer today and chances are he started playing on an Export kit. These value packed kits jumpstarted thousands of drummers by bringing quality and value together. Now 30 years later Export does it again. Big features like Reference inspired shell composition, P-930 drum pedal, Opti-Loc Tom Mounts, and our all new hardware package make Export the biggest value in drums today… again.

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EXX725S Drums Package contains
High Voltage Blue
22×18 Bass Drum
10×7 Tom
12×8 Tom
16×16 Floor Tom
14×5.5 Matching Snare Drum
Includes HWP-830 Hardware
Sabian SBR Cymbal Pack
16″ Crash
20″ Ride
14″ Hi Hats

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The DC guys really know their stuff. Best drum store in Scotland. Will be back!

Donavan HepburnDrummer - Take That, ELO

Thanks again drum central! Always great service and quick delivery.

Mark RichardsonDrummer - Skunk Anansie