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Pearl Export

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Shop for Pearl Export drum kits with confidence at Drum Central the home of drummers since 1999. We offer great value and fast delivery.

The Pearl Export Drum Kit. The best selling kit of all time and for good reason.

Pearl Export drum kits have been immensely popular for at least the last 30 years for one simple reason. Pearl have consistently produced a drum kit that is unrivalled in quality and value for money. Although Pearl Exports are aimed at student drummers who are looking for the perfect platform on which to hone their craft, such is their quality that is not rare to see an Export on a professional stage. Exceeding expectations without exceeding the budget is what Pearl Export is all about.

The Pearl Export Kit is a great choice for drummers already playing in bands or ambitious beginners who want to make sure they are off to the best start.

SST Shells

Despite it's low price Pearl Export shells are still built using many of the same methods used to create Pearl's legendary Reference and Masters Maple Complete ranges. Using a high temperature hydraulic curing system Pearl combine multiple plies together to create a shell with the resonance and strength of a single ply. Trademarked overlapping joints make for an airtight seal and exclusive Pearl Acoustiglue, which is manufactured to perfectly match the consistency of the shell maintains resonance. The shell design itself is a 6ply (7.5mm) combination of Mahogany and Poplar which delivers high volume as well as low end punch. A 45 degree bearing edge on each drum delivers the perfect blend of attack, warmth, and sustain through minimal head contact. More than 1000 PSI of pressure goes into building an SST shell. Long story short, this is a real drum shell fore real drummers, not a cheap imitation.

830 Series Hardware

The 830 Series hardware which comes with each Pearl Export kit manages to deliver the best of both worlds by blending affordability and reliability resulting in a set of stands that are solid enough to be relied upon in a live setting but won't break your bank or your back during load in. Die cast pipe joints make sure your stands are strong at the point where cheaper stands tend to fail ensuring you long lasting hardware. Uni-Lock Tilters make adjusting your cymbals or snare drum is smooth and easy. No more having to compromise between slightly too high or slightly too low. Double braced legs provide the stability which gives drummers the confidence to take 830 Series hardware on stage. One of the most appealing aspects of the Pearl Export drum kit is the P-930 kick drum pedal that comes included. Pearl could probably have got away with throwing in the cheaper P-530 pedal that's not what Export is about. With it's quick, smooth action and sleek design you would be hard pushed to find a better pedal included with a drum kit anywhere.

Opt-Loc Mounting System

The Pearl Opti-Loc Mounting system used on the Export series of drum kits further distinguishes it from the pack. For a quality drum sound it is all about resonance. A bad mounting system kills resonance and a good one lets the toms sing. The Pearl Opti-Loc mount grips the toms only gently by the hoop. The lack of connection with the shell means the drums can move slightly when hit and reach their true potential.

Sabian SBR Cymbal Pack

A quality drum kit demands quality cymbals and the Export does not disappoint with the Sabian SBR set. Just like Pearl, Sabian are leaders in their field. Using their decades of cymbal knowledge Sabian have created the SBR set to provide a brass beginner cymbal set that not only sounds great but won't break on you after a few weeks of playing. Cymbals are a well known weakness in cheaper starter kits so by buying quality from the start will undoubtedly save you money in the long run.

The Finish

Export EXX kits are all finished with high quality and durable wraps which means they can survive a few bumps and scrapes along the way. Wrap finishes also provide an important tone enhancing effect to the drums. It's not all about looks! Pearl Exports come in a variety of finishes, at Drum Central we love the High Voltage Blue but the classic Jet Black finish is the best seller.

With Pearl products we only display what is currently in stock so if you can't see the finish or configuration that you are looking for give us a call and one of our drum experts will order it in for you in no time.