Pearl Export

Get the best price, fast delivery and free shipping on Pearl Export drum kits at Drum Central. The best selling drum kit of all time. An industry standard, workhorse of a drum kit suitable for drummers at all levels.

Pearl Export drum kits have been immensely popular for at least the last 30 years for one simple reason. Pearl have consistently produced a drum kit that sounds good enough to please professional gigging drummers with great tones and chunky, well built hardware and all at a price that is attractive to even beginner drummers. For only £669 you can get a full kit including hardware and an amazing set of Sabian SBR Cymbals.

The Pearl Export Kit is a great choice for drummers playing in bands or ambitious beginners. The SBR cymbals can take a real beating and the 800 Series hardware is solid enough to be relied upon in a live setting.

Pearl Exports come in a variety of finishes, at Drum Central we love the High Voltage Blue but the classic Jet Black finish is the best seller.

With Pearl products we only display what is currently in stock so if you can't see the finish or configuration that you are looking for give us a call on 0131 555 4094 and one of our drum experts will order it in for you in no time.