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Authentic Bodhrans from Waltons, available at Drum Central. We offer next day delivery and free delivery on orders over £100.

Bodhrans are traditional Celtic drums. Sometimes known as frame drums, you’ll find different pronunciations for the Bodhran from just about every area of Ireland and Scotland. Popular at folk sessions as an easily portable percussion option that sits well under fiddles, acoustic guitars and other folk instruments. Traditionally they are played with double ended beaters called tippers with the hand holding the drum being used to apply different levels of muting and tension to the head.

Beginner Bodhrans are simple drums with ready tensioned skins. More expensive Bodhrans are tuneable and give a more consistent tone.

Waltons offer a great starter Bodhran that includes everything you need to start learning this traditional instrument. The box comes with a tipper (double ended beater), a book, and a DVD that will take you through the basics of playing.

Bodhrans are popular with guitar players as the motion of striking them is very similar to that of strumming a guitar so the skills are largely transferrable. The triplet technique using the back of the stick is a little harder to master but very satisfying once you get it to flow.