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Latin Percussion

Latin Percussion

Latin Percussion

Fantastic range of latin percussion from all the top brands. Shop for cajons, agogo bells, cowbells and more. All at great prices and with next day delivery available on many items.

South American music has always had a strong rhythmic element so Latin America has been influential in shaping modern percussion. In this section we have everything you need for samba bands, percussion ensembles and more.

One of the most successful latin percussion exports of recent times has been the cajon.

Cajons have become so popular these days that they have become a must have for every kit drummer. Originally a traditional Peruvian instrument made from the boxes used for storing fish on fishing boats, flamenco artists  added snare wires to make the cajon we know today.

Over the last decade cajons have made the transition from latin and flamenco music into the mainstream. Cajons finally gave drummers an option to match the acoustic guitar for ease of transport and setup! Added to this, their natural tones compliment acoustic guitars where a full kit might over powered it. For this reason they are now a staple of rock and pop acoustic setups.

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