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Drum Central Sepultura Groove w/Rohan Bumbra

Drum Central Sepultura Groove w/Rohan Bumbra

Rohan Bumbra demonstrates an epic Eloy Casagrande (Sepultura) drum groove from the new Drum Central Studio.

Making use of the paradiddle hand pattern played over constant 16th notes on a double kick pedal this groove is a beast but surprisingly not as difficult as it looks. Rohan breaks down the whole thing down at a variety of tempos and shows you how the intricate patterns are made simply by phrasing your paradiddles across the kit and accenting on the right hits.

If you are needing some extra work on your paradiddles before tackling this monster then check out this lesson here.

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Rohan Bumbra is a pro drummer and educator and will be featuring regularly on the Drum Central youtube channel with drum lessons, hints and tips and product reviews. www.rohanbumbra.com www.instagram.com/rohanjdrums Pop over to Rohan’s channel for twice weekly drum lessons https://www.youtube.com/user/TheRozzaB

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