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How To Setup Your Mapex Tornado (or any other starter) Drum Kit.

How To Setup Your Mapex Tornado (or any other starter) Drum Kit.

Our resident drum guru Rohan Bumbra takes us through an easy step by step guide on how to setup your Mapex Tornado (or any other starter) drum kit.

We are big fans of the Mapex Tornado drum kit at Drum Central. The Mapex Tornado starter drum kit has everything you could want for your first set of drums. A great build quality, better than competitor entry level kits (the Tornado won’t break a week after you get it!). Heads made by Remo, complete hardware package including stool, plus a cymbal set and a pair of sticks to get you up and running. The fact that this cut is constructed in the same factory as Mapex’s high end kits using all the same nuts and bolts means you know you are a getting quality. One of the most common questions we are asked when someone is taking a kit home for the first time is… “will I be able to set this up myself?” So we thought we would put together this video to help. Although this video focuses on how to setup your Mapex Tornado starter kit, the advice in the video should apply to any type of starter drum kit.

From putting on heads to building stands, to getting the correct drum positions and tunings Rohan covers it all in this detailed video guide.

Remember, if you’re still struggling you are always welcome to call the shop on 0131 555 4094 for some advice.

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Rohan Bumbra is a pro drummer and educator and will be featuring regularly on the Drum Central youtube channel with drum lessons, hints and tips and product reviews.
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