Paiste PST8 Rock Box Set

Paiste PST8 Rock Box Set


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A cutting Cymbal Set in the new PST8 Range. Great for all louder types of music, this set will get your point across no matter what the gig.
Paiste PST8 cymbals are crafted from the legendary 2002 bronze, refined through traditional hand hammering and perfected with the unique handmade Reflector finish. These hallmarks of Swiss workmanship make the PST 8 cymbals pure Paiste instruments, yet they are as attractively priced as the other successful Paiste Sound Technology series.

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Paiste PST8 Rock Box Set
  • 1 X 14“ Reflector Rock Hats (Pair)
  • 1 X 16“ Reflector Rock Crash
  • 1 X 20“ Reflector Rock Ride

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[porto_testimonial style=”testimonial-style-3″ remove_border=”yes” name=”Donavan Hepburn” role=”Drummer” company=”Take That, ELO” label=””]The DC guys really know their stuff. Best drum store in Scotland. Will be back![/porto_testimonial]
[porto_testimonial style=”testimonial-style-3″ remove_border=”yes” name=”Mark Richardson” role=”Drummer” company=”Skunk Anansie” label=””]Thanks again drum central! Always great service and quick delivery.[/porto_testimonial]