Shop for Custom Percussion Drum Thrones at Drum Central. We offer great value and fast delivery. These are the best value drum stools on the market!

Drum Stools, or as they are correctly called (and for good reason we reckon) Drum Thrones are an important part of any drummers setup. Any pro drummer will tell you that, proper technique starts with a correct and comfortable seating position.

When you have already spent a fortune on your drum kit and your cymbals it can be hard to convince yourself to part with money for a seat, despite the hours your butt is about to spend sitting on it. Thankfully Custom Percussion have developed a range of drum stools that make high quality stools a much more affordable option for drummers.

Custom Percussion Drum Thrones seat bases are reliable, heavy duty and feature the easy spin, height adjustment you would expect from a pro stool. While their cushions are comfortable, durable and designed to reduce sweat. You can buy both as individual parts to add to thrones you might already own.

These thrones come highly recommended by Drum Central and we believe there is very little reason to spend more money on a throne these days.