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American drum company Mapex have been gradually building a name for themselves as the manufacturers of some of the highest quality drums and can now deservedly be called one of the market leaders of the modern age. A large part of their reputation was built on the popularity of their now legendary Black Panther snare drums.

Originally only a single type of drum, Mapex have taken the idea and methodology behind the original Black Panthers and brought it to a whole range of styles. There is now a Black Panther for every drummer no matter what style they play.

Mapex Black Panther's are professional quality snare drums but come in at an impressively competitive price. They can often withstand comparison to competitors professional ranges that are twice the price. Ideal for drummers that need a snare drum that will really do the job on stage and in the studio but just can't justify spending £600-£1000 or more on classic snare drums. The fact that many top drummer's including Chris Adler's signature snare drums are included in the Black Panther range is testament to it's pro level quality.

The range of sounds available in the Black Panther range is matched only by the range of finishes. The Sledgehammer with it's hammered brass shell might be one of the most eye catching snare drums available, while the Phat Bob and the Velvetone offer something a bit more classic but no less beautiful.