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Paiste is a Swiss-based Estonian musical instrument manufacturing company who have been operating and making cymbals 1906. It is the world’s third largest manufacturer of cymbals, gongs, and metal percussion and can boast John Bonham amongst their endorsers. Paiste are are responsible for several cymbal-making innovations including the use of B8 bronze as a cymbal alloy, the sound edge hi-hat, and unlathed cymbals.

Forged from a proprietary bronze developed specifically for cymbals, Paiste Signature Traditionals cymbals are handcrafted from start to finish by highly skilled Swiss craftsmen, conceived and executed according to uncompromising sound concept. These cymbals are instruments of unsurpassed quality for the discerning drummer’s quest for personal creativity and musical excellence.

Suitable for soft to medium loud drumming in both live and recording settings. Ideal cymbals for classic to modern jazz, blues, swing, big band, R&B and soul and moderate rock. Also excellently suited for acoustic and vocal-oriented music and percussive playing with sticks, mallets, or hands. Very well suited for classical applications and swelling accents. Paiste Signature Traditionals cymbals are dark, complex, warm and oriental with special emphasis on volume control, dynamics and stick feel.