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Roc N Soc Drum Thrones

Browse a full range of Roc N Soc drum thrones. The highest quality seating available for drummers. In a variety of styles and colours.

At Drum Central we highly recommend getting a sturdy and comfortable stool for your drum kit. Not just is it good for your comfort but the correct playing position can take your playing up to the next level and even prevent common injuries.

Since 1987 Roc N Soc have been innovating in the world of seating for musicians and are these days seen as the industry standard drum thrones. Their hugger seats are designed to fit on seat bases, even if they are made by other brands. All welds are backed up with a life time guarantee so with the proper care one of these thrones can be considered a life time investment. Roc N Soc pride themselves on only delivering high quality equipment and for this reason don't offer cheaper stools. This makes them the only company that specialises in Thrones alone.

Roc N Soc offer a huge range of colours. More than any other company. So when you're ready to make a life time investment you can get exactly the one you want. As all of their thrones and back rests are sold separately you are free to choose the configuration you prefer when it comes to cushion shape, colour, and whether or you would like a back rest. Tan and Green are the most recent colour options added to the ever expanding range.