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Sabian first introduced the AA range alongside the HH range in 1982, the names standing for Automatic Anvil and Hand Hammered respectively. As the names suggest, the production processes are very different for each range giving them distinctively different sounds. Like most high end cymbals available from Sabian, AA cymbals are made from B20 Bronze. They have a bright and pronounced sound, and perform very well in high energy situations. Simply put, AA cymbals sound great when played loud!

Compared the AAX range, AA cymbals have more of a vintage bright sound, suiting more of a classic rock or pop drumming style. And in comparison to HH and HHX cymbals, Sabian AA cymbals have a more focused and bright sound. They are often compared to Ziljdian A cymbals.

Sabian AA Apollo cymbals are an exciting development of traditional AA cymbals with both a raw finish and sound.