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Yamaha DTX402 Series Electronic Drum Kits

Shop for Yamaha DTX402 Series Electronic Drum Kits at Drum Central. Including the DTX452K and DTX482K. We offer great value and fast delivery.

Yamaha make pretty much everything. Motorcycles, Scooters, Outboards, WaveRunners, Boats, Utility ATV's, Sport Quads, Generators... you name it, Yamaha probably make it and they probably make it very well. Specialising in high quality products in all areas as given Yamaha a solid reputation around the world whatever they are making.

Far from being the after thought of a giant corporation, music remains at the centre of Yamaha's focus. Yamaha originally started life as a musical instrument manufacturer and this is evidenced these days in the tuning forks that appear in their logo.

We highly recommend Yamaha's electronic drum kits. The ability that Yamaha have to sample their own acoustic drum kits puts them at an advantage over every other main stream electronic kit dealer. In addition to this at every price point you tend to get more advanced capabilities than their rivals.

Yamaha DTX402 Series Electronic Drum Kits are Yamaha's entry level electric drum kit with prices starting at just £458. Featuring 10 custom drum kit voices, 10 built in training functions and innovative drum editing features through the use of the 'DTX402 Touch App' these kits really do blow all other starter electronic kits away.

Standard cymbals on DTX402 kits are single zone but cleverly allow bell triggering when the cymbal is hit harder which allows the player to get more control and variation out of the kit.

All DTX 402 Series drum kits are compatible with the ‘DTX402 Touch’ iOS and Android apps which when connected to the drum kit offer touch screen control, quick and easy recording and sharing, and advanced sound editing capabilities.

The DTX402K is the entry level kit of this range and features a button style kick pedal which is great for keeping the volume down for downstairs neighbours.

The DTX432K is identical to the 402 but features a realistic hammer style kick pedal.

The DTX452K features a tri-zone snare pad allowing the player to get realistic cross stick and rimshots, not usually possible on a kit at this price range.

The DTX482K as well as featuring the tri-zone snare pad, benefits from an additional cymbal trigger which is used for the ride cymbal giving the player an even more responsive playing experience and 2 crash cymbal triggers. It also has upgraded silicone snare pad for additional realism and better stick response.