Get the Yamaha Rydeen drum kits at Drum Central. An all in one starter kit with Paiste 101 Cymbal set included. Get the best deal on Yamaha DTX502 Series Electronic Drum Kits at Drum Central. We offer great value and fast delivery.

Named after the Japanese god of Thunder, Rydeen is Yamaha’s entry level range of drum kits. An all in one starter kit that is designed to introduce a new generation of aspiring players into the wonderful world of Yamaha drums.

Yamaha are undoubtedly one of the heavyweight names in both the acoustic and electronic drum worlds. The Yamaha Recording Custom is often granted the accolade of being the most recorded kit in the history of music such is it’s popularity with professional recording studios and artists. Rydeen kits are a fraction of the price of a top end Yamaha kit but still include many of the features that have made top end Yamaha’s so popular such as the tom arms with ball joints.

What really sets the Rydeen apart from it’s competitors at this price point is the 600 hardware included in the pack. Double braced and of professional design and quality they will live up to even the hardest gigging schedule.

Another great feature of the Rydeen package is the Paiste 101 cymbal set. Cymbals can often be a weak point of starter drum kits so knowing your cymbals are made by a quality company like Paiste offers some peace of mind. A quality cymbal pack can save you money in the long run as you are unlikely to ever wear through these cymbals.