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Browse a wide range of Zildjian Cymbals, the world’s most popular cymbal brand, at Drum Central the home of drummers since 1999.

The Avedis Zildjian Company, more commonly known as Zildjian, is an Armenian-American musical instrument manufacturer and the largest cymbal making company in the world. Founded in 1623 by Avedis Zildjian in Constantinople, Zildjian have been setting the world standard of cymbals for centuries.

Zildjian K Constantinople

The legendary K Constantinople is the pinnacle of the Zildjian cymbal family. Hand crafted by Zildjian’s top artisans using complex hammering to produce perfectly balanced and dark tones.

Zildjian K

Developed by Kerope Zildjian in 19th century Turkey, Zildjian K are still the standard to which every other cymbal manufacturer measure themselves and still hugely popular with drummers to this day.

Zildjian K Custom

Inspired by the legendary Zildjian K range, K Custom cymbals are dark, rich and dry. Bringing the K Range into the more modern age with the dry tones that have become popular across the musical spectrum.

Zildjian A Avedis

Designed to capture the sound of cymbals designed in the 30s through to the 60s and named after Avedis Zildjian III, the father of the modern American cymbal these cymbals have a “played in” feel but with modern reliability.

Zildjian A

Zildjian’s classic sound is embodied by Zildjian. Used in countless recordings by the greatest drummers of all time. Known for their suitability in rock settings, these bright cymbals range from thin and delicate to extra heavy and cutting.

Zildjian A Custom

Inspired by the classic Zildjian A sound but designed with a lower profile and unique tonal grooves to produce a smoother, glassier, brighter sound making these cymbals extremely sought after in the studio.

Zildjian S Family

Zildjian’s top range of non cast cymbals are known for their impressive versatility. Crafted from a B12 bronze alloy with extensive hammering and lathing to produce an intensely musical cymbal.

Zildjian I Family

Replacing the hugely popular ZBT range, the I family brings Zildjian’s offering of B8 cymbals into the modern age with a range that includes modern weights and profiles, perfect for the drummers ready to move past the fundamentals.

Zildjian Planet Z

Enter the world of drums with Zildjian. Brass cymbals produced to the exacting standards worthy of the Zildjian name.

Zildjian L80 Low Volume Cymbals

The original practise cymbal, pioneered by Zildjian and copied by just about every other cymbal company. Designed to be 80 percent quieter than normal cymbals but respond with the same feel as real cymbals, these cymbals are perfect for home practise setups where full volume cymbals are too loud.