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DW 6000 Series

DW - 6000 Series Hardware

Browse DW - 6000 Series Hardware, lightweight, retro style hardware.  Check out the full range here. Free delivery on orders over £100.

DW Hardware and Kick Pedals are world renowned for being among the very best for every drummer. From the entry level 2000 series range through to the professional 9000 series and MFG ranges, quality, style and efficiency are always at the forefront.

Ideal for drummers who own a vintage kit or who want to recapture the style and feel of yesteryear. DW 6000 Series Hardware is flat based which is reminiscent of hardware styles from the 50's and 60's. The flat base design allows DW to use thinner metal work without losing any stability which means that these stands can stand up to the beating of a rock drummer.

The DW 6000 range also features the original product that started it all for DW. The Santa Monica Case Throne available in white and black. A retro style throne popular with jazz drummers which is big enough to store the entire set of the 6000 hardware.

The 6000 kick pedal is an exact replica of the original and legendary 5000 pedal. Ideal for those that believe you can't improve on a classic.