Ludwig snare drums

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One of the truly classic names in drums played by drumming royalty from Ringo Starr to John Bonham U.S. manufacturers Ludwig bring a touch of vintage class to everything they do.

Black Beauty

Probably the drum that Ludwig has built their laudable reputation upon. Often imitated but never replicated the Black Beauty is what many other snares strive to be.


The most recorded snare in the history of music. Trusted by the pros Supraphonics have provided the back beat for artists from John Bonham through to the Mo-Town greats.


A seamless beaded shell of aluminium creates the uniquely dry tone of the Acrolite. Finished with the classic Blue/Olive badge for a distinctive look.


Ludwig applied over 100 years of experience building copper timpani to construct the Copperphonic. Adding the focus and dark low qualities of Copper to Ludwig’s phonic pallet.

Chrome Over Brass

Originally released in the 1960’s as the Super Ludwig an exciting combination of brass with a touch of high end from the chrome. These drums became so sought after they were rereleased in the 90’s.

Raw Brass Phonic

A favourite of ours at Drum Central. The Raw Brass Phonic is essentially a Black Beauty without the plating which leaves a raw earthy look meaning no two drums are the same!

Hammered Brass

Similar in sonic quality to the Black Beauty but with a higher fundamental tone. They are hammered using the same processes used in Ludwig Timpani meaning that although they are similar no two drums are the same.

Heirloom Series

Pure attack, bite and optimal presence is what you get with a steel snare and when you combine that with Ludwig’s 100+ years of experience you get a drum that truly celebrates generations of artisan made drums.

Jazz Fest

Originally released as the Buddy Rich Model Snare Drum in the 1950’s the Jazz Fest is one of the most collectible drums in a long line of very collectible Ludwig drums.

Super Series

Originally released in the 1960’s the reimagined Super Ludwig Series drums offer the legendary tone of Ludwig Seamless Brass but with an exciting new look.


A similar idea to the Supralite the Universal series drums originally sought to bring the success of the Black Beauty to a more affordable price point but now with a range of wooden snares the range has taken on a life of its own.


One of the most popular Ludwig Snare Drums on the market. Supralite is designed to deliver a sound close to that of the Supraphonic but at a price point much more suitable to the aspiring drummer.