Get the best price on Mapex MPX Snare Drums at Drum Central. We offer great value and fast delivery.

Mapex are an american drum company well known for quality at all price points from beginner to pros. Their Black Panther snare drums are legendary amongst professional drummers. MPX is their entry level range of snare drums. Ideal for drummers looking for a low cost upgrade, each of these snares cost less than £100 and theres a whole range of sounds to choose from.

These drums really are great value for money and are probably the cheapest snare drums you can buy that actually sound like a drum. Every MPX drum comes with Remo heads supplied which makes a huge difference to how it sounds out of the box and means you won't have to immediately replace the heads.

Every Mapex MPX snare also features fully adjustable snare wires so that you can get it sounding exactly the way you want. This might seem like a small feature, but poorly adjusted snare wires are often what make cheap snare drums sound bad.

As they are designed and built in the same factory as Mapex's legendary high end Saturn kits you can be assured they are built with the same quality control and standards in mind.

We highly recommend the MPX Steel Piccolo as a cheap way to add a second snare to your setup.