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Paiste is a Swiss-based Estonian musical instrument manufacturing company who have been operating and making cymbals 1906. It is the world’s third largest manufacturer of cymbals, gongs, and metal percussion and can boast John Bonham amongst their endorsers. Paiste are are responsible for several cymbal-making innovations including the use of B8 bronze as a cymbal alloy, the sound edge hi-hat and unlathed cymbals.

PST (Paiste Sound Technology) stands for first-class manufactured cymbals and high quality sound design at an affordable price. PST 5 is the entry to Paiste’s world of bronze cymbals and since its introduction in 2005, it continues to be a best seller. Considering recent musical trends, the PST 5 was newly designed by Paiste’s Swiss Sound Development Team. Visually the PST 5 were consciously altered only in detail but their fundamental sonic value changed considerably. The cymbals are lighter resulting in a deeper, warmer sound while preserving its bright basic character. They have increased flexibility resulting in a more appealing feel. Overall the new PST 5 is significantly more musical.

Paiste PST 5 cymbals continue to be one of the most popular ranges for drummers first ‘real’ bronze cymbal set. They are made from B8 bronze or ‘2002’ bronze, giving them that classic, powerful and cutting 2002 sound. PST 5 cymbals are a noticable step up from the PST 3 range, which uses the cheaper MS63 brass alloy. The Paiste PST 5 series of cymbals offers players fantastic, quality bronze cymbals at an affordable price.