Paiste PST5 Universal Cymbal Pack

Paiste PST5 Universal Cymbal Pack


Drum Central Thoughts and Comments:

If you need a full set up and are on a budget, these are really top dog in the pack. In my opinion there’s nothing more musical or expressive on the market for the money.

  • 14″ Hi Hat Cymbals
  • 16″ Crash Cymbal
  • 20″Ride Cymbal

Also backed by Paiste two year warranty*

  • Description


Paiste PST5 Universal Cymbal Packs
  • Since: 2005 (revised in 2014)
  • Alloy: CuSn8 Bronze (also known as “2002 Bronze”)
  • Applications
  • All volume settings
  • Live playing and casual recording
  • Entire range of music styles
  • Sound: Bright, clean, full, focused, cutting and energetic with full functional and musical characteristics

Paiste Sound Technology stands for first-class manufactured cymbals and high quality sound design at an affordable price. PST5 is the entry to Paiste’s world of bronze cymbals and since its introduction in 2005, it continues to be a best seller.
Considering recent musical trends, the PST5 was newly designed by our Swiss Sound Development Team. Visually the PST5 were consciously altered only in detail but their fundamental sonic value changed considerably. The cymbals are lighter resulting in a deeper, warmer sound while preserving its bright basic character. They have increased flexibility resulting in a more appealing feel. Overall the new PST5 is significantly more musical.
* please see the Paiste website for details on warranty claims*


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The DC guys really know their stuff. Best drum store in Scotland. Will be back!

Donavan HepburnDrummer - Take That, ELO

Thanks again drum central! Always great service and quick delivery.

Mark RichardsonDrummer - Skunk Anansie