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Drum Heads

Drum Heads

Drum Heads

Massive selection of drum heads or skins for all types and sizes of drums. Top brands such as Remo and Evans. All types and finishes in stock. We offer great value and fast delivery.

Drum heads being the part of the drum that is actually struck and creates the vibrations could be argued to be the most important factor on how a drum ultimately sounds.

Remo are the leading name in drum heads. Their Coated Ambassador head has become the standard go to snare head whilst their 2 ply Emperor heads are synonymous with warm and focussed toms. They are not unrivalled though.

Evans have developed a huge loyal following of drummers who trust in their level 360 technology to provide an easier and more accurate tuning across the drum. Their Emad kick drum heads with built in dampening rings are so highly recommended they are used by every member of staff at Drum Central! (It’s about the only thing we all agree on)

Kentville kangaroo heads are premium option for drummers who still want that authentic animal skin sound. These heads give a fantastic sound particularly on vintage drums. Both Remo with Fyberskin and Evans with Calftone offer synthetic animal skin heads without the high end price tag or of course the moral and ethical quandaries.

Looking to change all your heads at once? A tom pack could be a great way to save money rather than buying each one individually. These often come with free snare heads.