Signature Drum Sticks

Signature Drum Sticks

Buy signature drum sticks from top brands including Vic Firth, ProMark and Vater. Sticks designed for Jojo Mayer, Steve Gadd, Thomas Lang and more.

Signature drum sticks give you the chance to play drum sticks made for the biggest names in drums. A great way to try out a different weight or style of stick by emulating your favourite drummers. From the super thin and tapered Peter Erskine ride stick to the ridiculously chunky Thomas Lang signature stick there’s a huge range of variety available.

The Lars Ulrich signature stick stands out from the rest as it is a nearly indestructible Ahead metal drum stick. Morgan Rose’s Alien Freak is well named. A drum stick without a tip and for players who only want to use the butt end! Prefer something a bit more traditional? How about following in the footsteps of jazz legend Buddy Rich?

Next day delivery is available on all single pairs of sticks so trust us to get you tooled up in time for your next gig!