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Paiste is a Swiss-based Estonian musical instrument manufacturing company who have been operating and making cymbals 1906. It is the world’s third largest manufacturer of cymbals, gongs, and metal percussion and can boast John Bonham amongst their endorsers. Paiste are are responsible for several cymbal-making innovations including the use of B8 bronze as a cymbal alloy, the sound edge hi-hat and unlathed cymbals.

Ushering in a higher standard of sound and durability, the Paiste 101 Brass series stay true to the renown Paiste quality whilst offering an affordable option for the aspiring drummer looking for high performance and quality sound at an attainable price. Nothing is sacrificed when it comes to making these cymbals, they are bright and pronounced and punch well above their weight as a budget cymbal set.

Paiste 101 Brass are available as individual cymbals in various sizes including 13″/14″ hi hats, 14″/16″/18″ crash cymbals and a 20″ ride. They are also come in 3 box set configurations designed to suit both beginners and drummers on a budget, but still delivering a good quality set of cymbals.