Christmas Gifts For Drummers

Stocking Fillers For Drummers

Kicking off the list with some cheap small sized gifts for drummers that would make perfect stocking fillers.

  • Moon Gel – Ideal stocking filler, improves the sound of any drum kit and even if you’re not sure if your drummer already has some, drummers always appreciate a fresh tub.
  • Gorilla Snot – Interesting name… apply to drum sticks to improve grip.
  • Drum keys are a great stocking filler. The Wincent Rock Key doubles as a bottle opener which is always useful. Evan’s Magnetic Drum KeyPearl’s Tech Tool and the Meinl Multi Tool are great upgrades from the standard key and no drummer can ever have enough drum keys.
  • Meinl Cymbal Tuners are a small and ingenious invention by legendary drummer Benny Greb which allow drummers to experiment with changing the sound of their cymbals using high power magnets.
  • Vic Firth Practise Tips, fit over any pair of sticks letting you practice silently on any surface.

Christmas Gifts For Drummers

Essential Presents for Drummers

As drummers progress through their careers there are certain items that they have to add to their gear at some point. Cases for cymbals, stick bags and drum stick holders are a great gift idea for any drummer that hasn’t got one yet.

Percussion Gifts For Drummers

Additional percussion can be a fun way for drummers to expand their skills and express their musicality in a different way.

  • Cowbells are one of the most popular Christmas gifts we sell. A simple and low cost add on that every drummer adds at some point. The Mike Johnstone Groove Bell is probably the coolest cowbell out there but there are plenty of cheaper options too. The Pearl Elite Cowbell range has a variety of sizes.  Just don’t forget to buy a mount as well.
  • Djembes are a lot of fun for drummers who just love getting a rhythm from anything. Toca Djembes come in a large range of sizes and colours. Meinl Djembes such as the Meinl Travel Series Rope Tuned Djembe sound great and are relatively cheap. The Kambala Bassam Djembe’s are authentic Ivory Coast made instruments.
  • Cajon’s are a great option for drummers, these South American box drums recreate the sound of drum kits with a hugely versatile but quieter range of sounds. Great for acoustic gigs. Stagg Cajons are a cheap but quality option, check out the Keo Cajon and Luxury Cajon if you’d like a fancier option.
  • The Meinl Hybrid Slaptop Cajon is a fun flexible instrument that works as a Cajon on one side and Bongos on the other.
  • Tambourines are a great addition to drum kit setups. LP Click Hats are a great choice as they can be easily switched on and off but Meinl Ching Rings are a cheap and effective option too.
  • LP Finger Shots are a fun shaker that you attach to your fingers to add a shaker sound to any percussion performance. Best bought in pairs!
  • Twist Shakers are an excellent combo for anyone who already has a cajon. Their unique shape allows for them to be easily tied to your foot to provide an extra accompaniment.
  • Waltons Bodhran starter pack is an ideal gift for a drummer interested in learning how to play in a whole new genre. It comes with everything you need, including an instructional DVD.

Christmas Gifts For Drummers Boy

Novelty Gifts For Drummers

Novelty gifts can be a great idea at Christmas particularly with younger drummers. Introducing a novelty element to their new hobby is a great way to keep them going.

  • Firestix light up drum sticks are a fun novelty for younger drummers. Hard wearing clear plastic sticks that light up when struck. We’ve included the red ones in this section but there’s a whole range of colours available.
  • Fireballz cymbal toppers create an eye catching addition to any drummers setup by lighting up when the cymbal is struck.
  • Hot Sticks are a range of drum sticks that come in a variety of designs that are ideal for kids. See a whole range here.
  • Meinl Make Your Own Cajon Kit. Great novelty present for drummers that enjoy a project.

Cymbals For Christmas

Nothing really excites drummers more than a new cymbal so they make a great present.  We have a huge range of cymbals if you are looking for something individual. Looking at FX cymbals might be a good idea if you’re not sure what they need and fearful of doubling up. If you’re choosing for someone else and not sure what they want then sticking to the same brand they already have might be a safe bet. In this guide we’ve focused on 3 cymbal packs that we love that are great for drummers at different levels or budgets.

  • Paiste 101 Packs are our go to recommendation for drummers buying their first cymbals or replacing starter cymbals. They are great value for money, hard wearing and sound great for the price.
  • Istanbul Agop Xist Cymbal packs are a fantastic mid range option and even include a free 18″ crash and a free cymbal hard case so are a good choice for drummers beginning to think about playing live.
  • Sabian AAX-Plosion Cymbal packs are a fantastic sounding professional level cymbal pack at a price much lower than most pro packs.

Christmas Gifts For Drummers

Gift Ideas For The Drummer Who Has Everything

The longer the drummer in your life has been playing for, the harder it can be to find a gift that they haven’t got yet. So we’ve finished this list with gifts that we think they might just not have.

  • The DW2000 Series Tambo Pedal is a cool add on to any kit allowing you to play tambourine with your left foot while playing on the rest of the kit. Hard to master, but a lot of fun.
  • Yamaha Crosstown Hardware is super light. Ideal for the regularly gigging drummer. Swap your heavy and bulky hardware bag for one that you can lift easily with one hand!
  • Meinl Cymbal Clock A clock made from a Meinl Cymbal clock a great novelty gift for drummers.
  • Meinl mini djembes and and mini cajons are a fun gift that actually sound great despite being fun size and relatively cheap.
  • Drum Tuners are a great present for a drummer. Properly tuning a drum kit can seem like a dark art at times and many drummers resort to guess work. If your drummer like technology then go for the feature rich and digital Tune-Bot Gig or Tune-Bot Studio if you think they would prefer something simpler then the original Drum Dial Drum Tuner is a great choice.
  • Big Fat Snare Drum transforms your snare sound into a sound fit for any rock or pop recordings. Applicable live and in the studio this exciting accessory makes your snare drum sound very powerful.

Just can’t decide what to get them? The Drum Central Gift Voucher which is redeemable online or in store might be exactly what you are looking for!

  • Drum Central Gift Voucher


    Drum Central Gift Voucher The ultimate gift for any drummer, The Drum Central Gift Voucher. Redeemable online or in-store at our Edinburgh store. The best gift voucher for drummers available with ins...

  • Paiste 101 Universal Cymbal Set


    101 BRASS UNIVERSAL SET (14/16/20)...

    Estimated Delivery Date 23/07/2024
  • Custom Percussion Cycle Seat Drum Throne Red


    Drum Stools, or as they are correctly called (and for good reason we reckon) Drum Thrones are an important part of any drummers setup. Any pro drummer will tell you that, proper technique starts with...

    Estimated Delivery Date 23/07/2024
  • DW 2000 Series Tambo-Pedal


    PLAY TAMBOURINE WITH YOUR FEET? For those multitasking drummers and percussionists that want to replicate the sound of a hand tambourine, we suggest the all-new Tambo-Pedal. Designed by drummer ext...

    Estimated Delivery Date 23/07/2024
  • DW 5000 Series 5100 Heavy Duty Round Top Throne


    DW first began as a music school in Santa Monica in 1972 releasing its first product, the height adjustable drum case and stool combo in 1974. Since then the company have become one of leading brands...

    Estimated Delivery Date 23/07/2024
  • Pearl Roadster Throne with Gas Lift


    Join the Roadster revolution - high-quality drum throne from Pearl Multi-layered, varied density foam for ultimate comfort Lightweight aluminium struts ensure easy transit Simple gas lift height ad...

    Estimated Delivery Date 06/08/2024
  • Yamaha Crosstown Advanced Lightweight Hardware Set


    Impossibly lightweight, easy to carry, quick to setup and sturdy on the gig. Yamaha Crosstown Hardware is the ultimate hardware set. Yamaha really pulled out all the stops with their Crosstown Hardwa...

    Estimated Delivery Date 06/08/2024
  • LP Cowbell Black Beauty


    LP Black Beauty Cowbell The cowbell that Latin Percussion brought to a global audience The most widely recorded cowbell in history High pitched, bright sound with a moderate overtone Sli...

    Estimated Delivery Date 23/07/2024
  • LP Cowbell Rock Classic Ridge Rider


    LP Classic Rock Ridge Rider Cowbell LP Cowbells are handmade in the USA using the same exact specifications developed by LP Founder Martin Cohen over 40 years ago. All LP cowbells are crafted from pr...

    Estimated Delivery Date 23/07/2024
  • LP Cowbell Rock Ridge Rider


    LP Rock Ridge Rider Cowbell LP Cowbells are handmade in the USA using the same exact specifications developed by LP Founder Martin Cohen over 40 years ago. All LP cowbells are crafted from premium qu...

    Estimated Delivery Date 23/07/2024
  • Meinl Ching Ring


    Incorporate a "ching" into your backbeats by placing the MEINL Ching Rings directly on your cymbals! The Dry Ching Ring will add a different touch to your playing by delivering a dry tambourine sound...

    Estimated Delivery Date 23/07/2024
  • Meinl Mike Johnston Artist Series Groove Bell


    The Meinl Mike Johnston Artist Series Groove Bell was developed to offer drummers a cowbell that sits perfectly in the mix of a band while providing the percussive spark required in their grooves. Inc...

    Estimated Delivery Date 23/07/2024