Cases and Bags

Cases and Bags

Extensive range of cases and bags for all types of drums and percussion. Top ranges, including Protection Racket, Hardcase, Mapex and Stagg. We offer great value with fast delivery.

Looking after your drums is important and that starts with having the proper case to transport it in. Keep your drums protected from bumps and scrapes and your beautifully finished drums will stay beautiful for much longer. Bumps and scratches devalue the sell-on price of any drum so a proper case is a sound investment.

We have cymbals cases, snare drum cases, kick drum cases, floor tom cases, tom cases, kick pedal cases, hardware cases and percussion cases in a huge range of sizes so we’re sure you’ll find what you’re looking for.

Protection Racket provide top quality hard wearing soft cases. These cases are hugely popular with gigging drummers because of their fur lined insides and lightweight design.

Hardcase offer (not surprisingly) hard cases for drums and percussion. These are a bit heavier and bulkier than the protection racket cases but they offer the utmost in protection for your drums. Great if you plan on throwing your kit in the back of a van or a plane!

We recommend the Protection Racket deluxe cymbal case with rucksack straps. Used by every staff member at Drum Central for their own gear it really is the best one out there.