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Acoustic Drum Kits

Acoustic Drum Kits

Acoustic drum kits suitable for beginners and professionals. Includes leading brands British Drum Co, Gretsch, Ludwig, Mapex and Pearl. Prices start at £320.

Starter drum kits for beginners tend to come with everything you need to get playing drums. Subsequently they generally come with all hardware (cymbal stands, throne and kick pedal). As you go up in price range, manufacturers begin to assume that you might have some of the gear already. For this reason some kits might not include a throne or kick pedal. If the kit is advertised as a shell pack then it comes with only the drums. Generally only tom mounts and bass drum spurs are included with shell packs.

The two best selling starter acoustic drum kits which we generally recommend are the Mapex Tornado and  the Pearl Roadshow. In our opinion the Mapex Tornado is the best starter drum kit for the money with some features such as ball mounted toms that are usually only seen on more expensive kits. For a little bit extra you can get the Pearl Export which benefits from coming with a Sabian SBR set an extra cymbal stand and sturdier 830 series hardware. There’s a reason the Pearl Export can claim to be one of the best selling kits of all time. And don’t worry parents…  we have all sorts of options for controlling volume.

Drummers looking to make that once in a life time purchase of something a bit special might be drawn towards a high end beauty like the British Drum Company Legend Series. It’s cold pressed birch shells and finish matched reinforcement rings make for a great sounding and truly beautiful kit.